6 Reasons to run for the CIBC Run For the Cure on October 4!

1.) You get to run for a GREAT cause.

Running is tough, but, remember, you’re running to raise money for research. People all over the world are suffering because of cancer and desperately need a cure. Whether you raise a dollar, 10 dollars or even 300 dollars, every little bit counts.

2.) Running for Charity gives you motivation to push yourself

It’s easy to bail on a commitment you made to yourself to run/exercise every day, but it is extremely hard to disappoint a charity and all your sponsors. Once you make a public obligation, you won’t want to let other people down and you’ll push yourself to do it!

3.) You challenge yourself!

A lot of us love running, but most of us hate running. Nevertheless, registering for a charity forces you to challenge yourself. Doesn’t matter if you walked 1 km or ran 5 km, what matters is that you took on the challenge and completed it!

4.) Get to be part of a team

Who likes running by themselves? One of the hardest things about exercising/running is that often times, you are running on your own. But, when you are running for a charity, you run for a team! Who doesn’t like feeling like their part of something bigger than them?  More specifically, you will be running for Queen’s Law “Bras & Bros” Team, the most dedicated team there is! And as an added bonus, we all get matching t-shirts! YAY!

5.) You Inspire others

A person can often underestimate the impact that running for a charity has on others. When you take the time out of your busy schedule that involves readings, clubs, and clinics to raise money for a good cause, you inspire others to run for charity! You inspire other people to think about issues bigger than themselves! You will inspire people to take part in activities that benefit the whole society!

6.) Get Fit

While you’re doing all of these great things, you are working out and getting fit!

Sign up online to take part in the run at: http://cibcrunforthecure.supportcbcf.com

We hope to see you all there 🙂

Written by Inder Suri

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