Daffodil Month

The oldest of monthly cancer events is Daffodil month. This April the Canadian Cancer Society celebrates 60 years of raising money by selling Daffodils. The beautiful daffodil promotes cheer, hope, courage and strength.

Daffodils sold in your local grocery stores travel a long way. They are grown in British Columbia and take planes, trains, and trucks to bring cheer into your home. The selling of Daffodils raises millions of dollars every year in Canada for cancer research.

Can’t make it to a grocery store this month because of exams? No problem! Look out for the donation box in MacDonald Hall, and pick up a daffodil pin. While the fresh daffodils cheer up your home, the pins are important in spreading awareness. Wear them on your clothing with pride, knowing you have just helped us get one step closer to finding a cure for cancer.

Written by Nicole Naglie

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