On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Urban Dictionary defines perfect storm as: when a combination of events causes an amazing, unforgettable night. Well folks, buckle up because you’re in for one heck of perfect storm. Next week brings us October 3rd, a day that will live on in infamy thanks to Cady Heron. Not only that, but this October 3rdis a Wednesday and as everyone knows, on Wednesday’s we wear pink. Queen’s Law Cancer Society is taking advantage of this perfect storm to bring you a day of Mean Girls excellence in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. On October 3rdduring the day, wear as much pink as you please (outfit suggestions include a full pink sweat suit) and then join us at 7pm in Room 202 in the Law Building, where we will be playing Mean Girls! Entrance will be by donation and we will also have snacks/treats available by donation. All proceeds will go to the Cancer Society in support of breast cancer research.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among Canadian women. On average, each day in 2017 72 Canadian women were diagnosed with breast cancer and 14 women died from it. While these are upsetting facts, the breast cancer mortality rate has been declining since the mid-1980s. This decline is due in part to the impact of screening and improvements in breast cancer treatments – both of which are impacted by fundraising efforts and raising awareness!

How does fundraising help? The Canadian Cancer Society funds a large range of research projects – including some in our own backyard. The majority of the Canadian Cancer Society’s funding for clinical trials goes to the Canadian Cancer Trials Group (CCTG), which is located right here at Queen’s! They work to develop, conduct and analyze national and international trials of cancer therapy, including trials for new drugs, cancer prevention, supportive care, and ways to improve quality of life for people battling cancer.

We’d love to see you out on Wednesday night or wearing pink during the day to help support the cause – it would be so fetch!

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