Hi, I’m Alex and I’m happy to be one of your Heads of Sponsorship this year.

I grew up in Calgary and Newmarket, Ont., is now home. Before coming to Queen’s Law, I studied history at the University of Toronto. Dancing in the 1L and Bollywood dances at Cabaret was some of the most fun I had last year. If you’re ever feeling down, bhangra music is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face and get you dancing!

Like many others, cancer has affected my life through my family’s experiences. QL students, alumni, and friends give generously of their time, money, talents, and loud cheers at Cabaret to make our fundraising events for cancer research a success. I can’t wait to work with Joycna and Vanessa on the important task of getting sponsors for our events!

Feel free to email me. Better yet, chat with me any time! I’m often on campus and would love to hear your ideas, get your help, and learn why you too think that The Clash is still the only band that matters.

Contact Alex